1873 SINGLE ACTION Army 45 Cap Gun

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1873 SINGLE ACTION Army 45 Cap Gun

# 1873 P Single Action Army 45 Cap Gun $99.95 – SHOOTS Single SHOT Plastic CAPS # C 4 S  DIECAST METAL with Real Wood Grips! Heavy Like The Real Thing! IT DOES NOT GET ANY MORE AUTHENTIC than this! Full Size! ROTATING CYLINDER HOLDS 6 BULLETS EACH BULLET HOLDS A CAP SO SIX SHOTS JUST LIKE THE REAL THING! MADE IN SPAIN 10 1/2 INCHES LONG as with any cap gun or replica or a real one anything with metal moving parts must be oiled now and then! COMES WITH SIX CAP HOLDING BULLETS AND COLLECTORS BOX! all boxes have dents on the inside caused by the site and hammer of the pistols from shipping! ……. THIS IS NOT A TOY ! THIS IS A CAP FIRING REPLICA OF A PRE – 1898 ANTIQUE FIREARM! THERE IS NOT AN ORANGE PLUG IN THE BARREL! NOT FOR CHILDREN! ADULT SUPERVISION RECOMENDED! 1 to 10 MECHANISM TOUGHNESS RATING – 7



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